Visiting Bearn

A very interesting place: Bearn  …

Béarn, located in the Southwest of France is a traditional agricultural region with a climate conducive to growing but limited to the south by the Pyrenees as you can see from the field in winter.

During your break in the green area, you will discover several castles (ruins of a story related to the County Béarn Gaston Phoebus and also with the Kingdom of France Henry IV), churches, and also museums.

Charming and picturesque villages offer your eyes and closer observation will show old houses built using local materials (earth, stones …). You can also observe the characteristic roofs with steep slopes covered with flat tiles called “picons” dormers and gables.

Typical architecture of the region, especially in the Gers, fortified oriented on a regular plan, are organized along parallel and perpendicular streets around central squares with arcades.

Enjoy your stay and discover the richness of our regional heritage!

There are many things to see and do!