What to see

Historic castles to visit:

Most castles were built in the Middle Ages.

You are at the heart of the region of castles Gaston Phoebus (Earl of Bearn XIVèmesiècle). Among them, we will visit the Castle Montaner with its medieval festival in July and Castle Morlanne and a little later the castle Mauvezin. These are not massive size and were built in the center of noble estates, surrounded by beautiful parks, several outbuildings and pigeon … The majority of them are still to this day, private castles, agricultural estates and heart / or wine.

The Château de Pau when you visit the famous city of Henri IV!

Castle Mascaraàs, closest to the area, built in the sixteenth century, listed as Historic Monument both for its authentic interiors for its beautiful park and gardens in the French …

The Castle Arricau-Bordes, built in the sixteenth century just an outside view because it is private.

Churches to visit …

The Vic-Bihl offers an attractive landscape of hills that combines green and ocher enamel here and there churches rich in Romanesque and Baroque furniture. These shrines often modest, built from the eleventh century, are remnants and show them how the prodigious leap of faith from the year one thousand.

Their sculpted decorations, original and refined, expresses the vitality of a Romanesque Gascon, born influences Languedociennes, Navarra and Aragon.

Many itinerant artists and donated by anonymous, their talents, we can admire many beautiful capitals and tympana set in delicate tracery of palmettes and foliage …

The church and its portal Oloron and the Ste Blaise were classified as World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Some churches to discover:

The Romanesque church of Sévignacq the village, built in the thirteenth century, and known for his single porch decorated with erotic sculptures …

The church of St Martin in Cadillon, Taron Church and Roman mosaics but also the typical churches of Morlaàs, Pau, and Bayonne.

Monein than in the vineyards of Jurançon worth visiting for its framing overturned boat.

And of course: Lourdes, with its basilica and grotto, high Pilgrimage known World!

Museums to know more …

If you like painting, you can admire the Fine Arts Museums of Pau and Bayonne (Bonnat museum), the museum of Mont-de-Marsan for his sculptures … more original because the only museum in France Tarbes Hussars delight history buffs.

Á Arasclet permanent exhibition of old tools, will show more than 2 000 agricultural machinery and tools artisans Southwest.

The museum of ham Arzacq delight gourmets, the earthenware and tableware to Samadet you will discover local handicrafts.

The museum beret Nay you will know the history of this typical headgear béarnais as Yanou door.

The flora and fauna are not left with eco-museums devoted to vultures Aste-Beon, the bees in St Faust, or Corn Laas!

Finally, the house of Bernadotte (General empire named King of Sweden and Napoleon was born in Pau) of Edmont Rostand (author of Cyrano de Bergerac famous) near Orthez give you an idea of the style of Béarn habitat for and one of the other style Basque.

If you are interested in the mountain do not forget to go for a walk:

- Around the Lac de Gaube and also around Lake Artouste after taking his train.

- The bridge of Spain in Cauterets and see its famous waterfall

- The observatory on Pic de Bigorre noon to admire the view of the massive

- The circus of Gavarnie, world heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

- To Bétharram caves, the most beautiful in Europe.

- The Col d’Aubisque, famous worldwide thanks to the Tour de France

Our region is bordered by the sea to the west:

- The beach of St Jean de Luz will delight children and their families while that appeal to intrepid Biarritz because of its waves have made it a well known surf spot in the world.

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