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Wineyards …

The region of Vic-Bihl offers a wide variety of vineyards whose most famous character is the Madiran, Pacherenc du Vic-Bihl, Béarn and Tolosan County.

Following an original and rare variety: Tannat, the grape is introduced Madiran by Benedictine Monks in the eleventh century, but it is growing modern in 1948 with the creation of the AOC and therefore the culture of the vine and the Development wines of this region will not fade …

Apart from Madiran, you can explore the area near Arzacq Cabidos and also closer to that of Pau Jurançon and the Basque Country, the vineyard Irouléguy.

The wineries to know … refer to our section our partners

Wine lovers, you will undisguised pleasure to discover during your trip.

More than 200 growers will be delighted to welcome you to share moments of conviviality turning a tasting knowing also to share their passion for wine and their land, their expertise, know-how and savoir-vivre .

Conquered, you can, if you wish, you offer some good wines!

Several events are held throughout the year such as Open or in Madiran Wine Festival for August 15.

A local gastronomy …

This region of Southwest delight the taste buds of gourmets and gourmands by the richness and diversity of its typical local specialties and delicious …

Discover and enjoy at your leisure:

Foie gras of duck, duck fluxes, pies made “home.”

Bates, gizzards, and rillettes or dishes such as stew or beans from Tarbes.

In the mountains, do not forget to bring this delicious sheep cheese from the Pyrenees!

Tasty fruits such as kiwis, apples, pears, plums.

You can also visit, visiting farms like Saby to Castetpugon specializes in foie gras and poultry or farm snails Lannecaube.

You will find all these Local products market colorful and picturesque region.

Such as Garlin (1 of 2 Wednesday) or the Lembeye (every Saturday Marcadieu Place) or the Morlaas (1 of 2 Friday) or from Aire sur Adour every Tuesday.

To enjoy local cuisine, or the greediest gourmets will end up in restaurants as Courbet Sévignacq Restaurant, the restaurant lou Manéchal to Coslédaà, both closest to the field.

Rich and varied events …

Throughout the year, the region will welcome the cultural highlights, original and festive. Each month, various events are organized by many villages and everyone will be able to satisfy his passions and navigate their interests.

Music festivals are great opportunities to meet and share.

Among the most famous:

Latin music at Pau in March.

Sacred Music at Lourdes in April.

Jazz in Marciac in May and August, known worldwide!

The Guitar Festival at Pau in October.

Without forgetting the festivals theater Cirque de Gavarnie or Opera Pau.

Races Taurines are also warm and convivial or aficionados gather. Garlin is one of the few places in Béarn bullfighting tradition and its reputation is growing, especially that of his Novilladas.

Taurines these races are usually held during the period from April to September.

There are also nearby Novilladas July Bayonne and Mont de Marsan which you can attend.


- The city of Pau is the oldest golf course in Europe built by an Englishman. There are 2 golf courses 18 laps in Pau (Artiguelouve and Billère).

- The horse races at Pau and Tarbes festival in July completed by visiting the stud Gelos delight horse lovers.

- The Tour de France passes annually in Pau July and every two years you can participate in events dedicated to the public in the mountains.

- The hunt for the pigeon between September and February each year attracts many fans and the field has its own spot.

- Finally, for the intrepid, Lasclaveries field (first field in France parachute) located 5km from the area offers tandem jumps safely and organizes championships in France this discipline.

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