Your personal coach

Who are we?

We are a family of travelers but we enjoy, (like Swallows!) coming back to the same place in Béarn :  in Yanou and Yanetto ‘s place, an area built and transformed over the generations since 1773.

Yanou and Yanetto is an old typical couple of Bearn folklore , they are happy to live and work in Béarn, they symbolize those who have gone before us, those in the family that we have not known, we do not have pictures but only those houses carry the memory.

Christine speaks English, Spanish, German and Japanese. She is interested in tourism history and has a passion for Japanese culture (see his other website about this). Thanks to the practice of Ikebana she likes plants and gardens (see what’s up in the garden) and more widely she is interested to know more about the links people may have to their space, to the landscape around them. As a consultant in  intercultural management she designs and deliver executive education programs for several companies and corporate universities.

Mathilde is a business entrepreneur as she started in 2012 her  company “Swallow”  : it is the first agency in France specialized in seasonal foreign migration . She has a passion for perfumes, literature and music.

Victor draws and loves comics. He is passionate about history, jazz and plays drums.

Pierre also has a passion for travel (he has a special gift for planning!) And is a specialist in wines and gastronomy. He loves photography (sites are illustrated by its pictures). He likes to buy many things at auction to complete  its several collections.

And we also have two faithful friends: a dog named Voxy and a chinchilla named Genki.

Your hosts are also all those who came to the area over the years and who let it know around them: we thank them for their trust. We would also like to thank Mr and Mrs Seigneur and Mr. and Mrs. Bouchard photos they have taken during their stay and that we could use on this site as well as all the other guests for their attention.